Out of the Mouths of Reporters

CNN’s having a hell of a couple of weeks, huh?

 CNN Reporter Deb Feyerick: Is the approaching asteroid caused by global warming?

We, as a society, are degenerating. How is this any different from primitive tribesmen blaming every dead bird on sorcerers and angry Earth Spirits?
And this isn’t even as dumb as you might think. This claim — that global warming really might cause more asteroid strikes! — is just barely more ridiculous than a half of hundred other Manifestations of the Earth Gods’ Wrath our skull-wearing priests frighten the crowds with daily.

And this sort of primitive magical thinking is being fed to the public by the very people who claim to be the Science Wizards!

As you see there, she didn’t just misspeak. She just didn’t have a goofy moment. She first posited the asteroid-magnetizing theory of global warming before the break, thought about it through the commercials, collected herself, and then asked it on the other side of the break.

Words never before spoken, and for good reason: I have no idea what I should do. Quick, call a reporter!