Don't miss your moment

In response to Rubio Rakes in $100k+ for the Sip Heard ‘Round the Beltway:

This is a  good lesson in why campaigns and organizations need to have good social media infrastructure and practices in place for when their moment hits.  Another recent example is the tweet from the Oreo account during the Super Bowl black-out.  For organizations and politicians, this means having social media accounts that are maintained by competent staff (not interns), having an option to make secure online donations, and having some type of e-commerce account, like Cafe Press or Zazzle, that allows you to quickly put a logo or slogan on merchandise. 

Another example of making the most of your moment is keeping the website updated with current articles and press releases.   Too often I’ve gone to an organization or Congressman’s website after hearing about some project and find that the “News” section hasn’t been updated in months.  If Rush Limbaugh talks about a piece that mentions or is written by your candidate or organization, make sure it’s front and center on your website.  For example, when I got word that Rush would be re-airing his speech at an event I directed,  I made dang sure that registration for the next year’s event was open in order to capitalize on our moment.  If you don’t have a plan in place beforehand, it’s already too late.