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Gee, Why Aren't Jobs Being Created?: Obama Threatens Tax Increases … Again


For who knows how long now, Obama’s been coming out about once a week to publicly demand Congress raise taxes on the “wealthy.” Then, usually within an hour of this happening, the media will scratch its collective head and wonder aloud about the lack of job creation.

There is nothing under-cutting our economy more than fear and instability. On top of all the new regulations already passed and ObamaCare, the president keeps freaking job creators out with this incessant talk about taking even more money out of the private economy in order to feed the Federal Beast.

Obama, the Democrats, and his media are also never satisfied. If Obama wins this tax increase, before the week is out, there’s no question he’ll be out on the stump demanding another; spouting his nonsense about “fair share.”

Businesses usually base hiring decisions based on projections, but you can’t project the future when you have a greedy, immature president constantly hurling hard balls at the head of those who have made the mistake of being successful.

It’s almost as if Obama wants anemic job recovery and more people dependent on the government.

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