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Liberals Turn On Each Other, Blog Bashes Wasserman Schultz


Uh-oh!  It appears that Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is taking some not so “friendly” fire from the liberal blogosphere.  The blog Down With Tyranny has just posted a story with some pretty stinging criticism of Wasserman Schultz for opposing H.R. 693, a bill that apparently would open up sugar trade with Cuba.  DWT calls ‘DWS’ “grotesquely corrupt” for her firm position against opening up trade with Castro’s regime.  Interestingly enough, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) also supports the bill  as well.

Here are excerpts of the liberal blog’s hit on DWS-

Now the grotesquely corrupt Wasserman Schultz has accumulated even more power than ever before and she is working assiduously to shore up the interests of her benefactors, regardless of what it costs the very people who vote her into office year after year after year.


Who remembers when Wasserman Schultz first came out swinging on behalf of the Fanjuls- spreading around their bribes to get freshmen to vote against easing agricultural trade restrictions against Cuba? 

When Democrats gained control of Congress, hopes were high that Cuba travel and trade restrictions would be eased by a party historically opposed to a so-called hard line on Cuba. So far, however, the Democratic-led House has been tougher on Cuba than when Republicans controlled the lower chamber.


And this-


…Wasserman Schultz’s position on Cuba puts her at odds with some Democratic leaders, but she said she has no worries that this might affect her if she seeks a higher leadership position in the future.



Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a PAC which has given nearly a quarter million dollars to Democrats running for re-election and election in the House. [This was in 2007.]  Between the US-Cuba Democracy PAC and her own sleazy Democrats Win Seats PAC this is how much loot Wasserman Schultz was able to direct to Democratic freshmen willing to sell her their votes, even from congressmen representing agricultural districts where this amendment would have had widespread support. The first amount comes from the US-Cuba Democracy PAC and the second came directly from the shady Wasserman Schultz PAC:


DWT goes on to list Democrat members of Congress who received donations form the US-Cuba Democracy PAC and from DWS’ “shady Wasserman Schultz PAC.”

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