New Movie In The Works: Siege at Benghazi

Some Navy SEAL friends of  Ty Woods and Glen Doherty are in the process of producing a film to memorialize the pair’s valor. It was due to their heroism that the CIA was able to get up to 30 Americans out of Benghazi alive.

Amazing Ops: Siege at Benghazi:

What started as an emergency evacuation turned into an
all night gunfight resulting in the deaths of two former Navy SEALs –
Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty – genuine heroes who made the ultimate
sacrifice when they were hit by mortar fire – just minutes before
reinforcements arrived and the all night ordeal ended. This film
commemorates the actions of the CIA GRS operators who rushed into a full
blown firefight outmanned and outgunned, as well as the DSS protective
specialists who joined them in fighting off a coordinated siege until
morning arrived.

This is the first short film in a proposed series entitled Amazing Ops
which will feature awe-inspiring stories of extraordinary valor that
are all too often under-reported or overshadowed by politics.  Amazing Ops focuses its lens squarely on the actions of the elite operators who carry out astonishing missions — in fact, we consider it our mission to
faithfully represent the skill and bravery of these real life
superheroes – those who gave their lives, those who made it out alive,
and those whose identities must remain unknown – but whose stories
demand to be told with credibility, reliability and authenticity.

 You can find out more about this project by visiting the “Siege of Benghazi” site at Kickstarter.