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Red Carpet Trends That Should End


– Doing the Angelina Jolie leg pose

– Saying you’re sick, knowing you look fabulous and everyone will fawn all over you and say you’re so brave for appearing on the Red Carpet

– Wearing jewelry that your kids made.  It’s the Red Carpet.  Your job is to look pretty.  Go be a mom somewhere else.  (Ok, I know that’s harsh)

– The “mani-cam” on E!.  I mentioned this in my predictions post yesterday.  The mani-cam causes more confusion among celebrities than talking to Ross the Intern.

– Red Carpet hosts acting like they’re best friends with the celebrities. 

– Everyone having stylists.  The Red Carpet is so boring now.  Aside from a few fit issues, there are no huge mistakes anymore.  Bring back the horrible Swan Dress!

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