Spotting an Oscar Winner

The Red Carpet arrivals start at 5:30 p.m.  We know who the nominees are, but here are a few ways to spot those who think they may win:

- For the most part, all the nominees for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor will be in classic tuxedos.  For instance, if Bradley Cooper decides not to wear a tie, he thinks he’ll lose.

- Judging by past Oscar winners, most have their hair up.  Sandra Bullock and Marion Cotillard were the most recent exceptions I can find.  This is good news for Jennifer Lawrence.

- Think about the photos from the waist up.  Dresses with an ornate bottom are a waste. 

- Fussy jewelry and bodices take away from the Oscar itself.  Simple bodices and jewelry bring attention to the face and the best accessory one can have, an Oscar.

- Hardly any past female winners wore black.  Winners wear metallics and jewel tones.

(Stick with us, male Convo readers.  I’ll also keep you abreast of any side-boob action.)

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