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It Occurs To Me I'm Being a Jackwagon


I’ve escalated this into a red-hot Twitter war, but on The Conversation.

Sorry, I can be a genuine prig.  I have an overdeveloped Self-Rightneousness Complex in my hippocampus.

I believe all the things I’ve said, but the rar-rar-grumble-rar manner in which I’m carrying on is unnecessary.

Sorry, again, John and readers.


Perhaps we can all agree that Senate Candidate Ashley Judd has done a lot of nudity in her films and it sure seemed gratuitous.*

 * I imagine. I haven’t really seen her movies and never understood the appeal. I think I rented Double Jeopardy on a goof, just to see how dumb it was. But it left no impression and I have no memory of how it dumb it was. Nor do I have any recollection of seeing the limited-screen-presence Judd naked in it.

Some actresses are repeat offenders on the nudity front to the extent I think 1, they’re comfortable with it and 2, they’re probably partly trading on that.  I always liked that Madeleine Stowe woman, but by the end of the nineties I was hoping I could see a thriller in which she didn’t take off her top, just to demonstrate it could happen.

I suppose my reaction would be different if this were an actress kind of known for just generally getting naked at the drop of a hat.  In such a case I wouldn’t feel empathy, partly because the actress herself wouldn’t be too embarrassed by it.

But even there, we can’t forget that the reason women get naked in film is because men tell them to (or else) and because men like seeing naked girls.  I guess I’m bothered by the unfairness of pinning this phenomenon on the actresses involved, when it’s really not they who initiate this, and it’s not for their own gratification that they do it.

Oh, And Full Disclosure…  I’m actually the majority shareholder in Mr. Skin** so now you’re taking food out of my mouth.

** Not really.

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