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Rubio's Calls Obama 'Ineffectual'


 I called on President Barack Obama to support the Syrian people’s desires for freedom and an end to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. I proposed a series of measures to immediately isolate al-Assad, including tough economic sanctions and severance of diplomatic ties. Unfortunately, this and similar calls by Democrats and Republicans went unheeded at the time, only to be implemented by this administration months later — slowly, hesitantly and ineffectually.-Sen. Marco Rubio

Rubio has just gotten back from a trip to Jordan, a country that is now sheltering thousands of Syrian refugees, was able to see first-hand the regional effects that they Syrian civil war is causing. Rubio has been pushing for both humanitarian and military aid for the to the Syrian rebels just as Secretary of State John Kerry has promised humanitarian aid to the rebels.

 While Rubio’s upport for aiding the anti-government rebels is a valid one, Rubio makes the assertion that Islamist fighting alongside rebels are a small “minority.” How could Rubio know this without having first-hand knowledge of the conditions on the ground in Damascus, Syria? Perhaps the Senator is speaking on intelligence that only someone with his security clearance is privy to. Remember that many of the Islamist terrorist fighting along the rebels have fought and killed U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Are we to think that they have had a change of heart?

 While some worry that the Syrian opposition is entirely anti-American and made up of radicals, the reality is that Islamist forces remain in the minority. Continued inaction, however, will only empower these anti-American elements of the opposition.- Sen. Marco Rubio

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