"Of course the President would never use drones on Americans…"

In response to They’ve Already Done the “We’d Never Do this” Spiel:

Among my biggest problems with the “We’d Never Do This” spiel is that you don’t usually find out they have done it to you until after they done it.  

That’s been a recurring problem with this ultra-secretive Administration.  “Illegal aliens dumped out of holding to terrorize Americans into agreeing to tax increases?  Why, we’d never do something like that!  Perish the thought!  And even if we did, it would only be a handful of them, and we’d screen the dickens out of the detainees before releasing them, and it was all this one guy’s idea anyway, and he resigned in disgrace – no, wait, he retired gracefully…”

“Handing over thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels, without making any effort to keep track of them?  Why, we’d never do anything like that!  And if we did, the Attorney General would surely be outraged about it, as soon as he bothered to check his email – coffee all over his monitor on that day, let me tell you!  The renegade loose cannon nutjobs in the lowest bowels of the Justice Department who decided to start tossing crates of assault rifles (God, we hate those things when Americans buy them!) would surely be obliterated by the righteous wrath of the Administration as soon as they were discovered.  Or maybe given lateral transfers and promotions.  Whatever.”

“Release sensitive intelligence information to make the President look tough on terror right before an election?  Send an ambassador into a terrorist hotbed without protection on the anniversary of 9/11?  Why, we would never…”