Cyber Beat: Daily Roundup of Social Media and Tech Stories 3/12


Social Media Trends, Bad Behavior and Faux Pas.


That’s one way to handle your troll – show up AT HIS HOUSE and tweet him photos from there.


Even Sweden isn’t immune from cyberbullying.  Perhaps it’s the culture, not the laws.


After appearing on a TV program to tell her “harrowing” tale, guest reveals she was actually one of the bullies…and brags about it.


We don’t yet know what it was that they posted, but apparently it might not have been a smart thing for either of them to share.


Looks like the “Nintendo” medal has been halted for now.


Yeah, some of these are on my list of turn-offs too.


Hoaxes and Hackings.

Yesterday, I posted about the reported hacking/doxing of personal financial information of several celebrities and high profile political figures.  After speculation about whether the stunt was a hoax, two credit reporting agencies confirmed today that at least some of it was real.  Read the update to that post below, followed by additional related articles.


Again, this is not a new trend.  Seems like it will continue, unfortunately.


In the Courts.


First time since his arrest that Bradley Manning has been heard from directly.


Oh, Google.


Prenda watch:  “Ars reports from federal court, where four Prenda affiliates failed to show.”



An update to the post about this mentioned in yesterday’s ‘Cyber Beat’ edition.

Learning intellectual property apparently starts a young age these days.

These are self explanatory.


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