Despite Sequester, Federal Government Is Hiring!

In response to Sequester panic and REAL budget cuts:

 Spending cuts now, tax increases never.  And by “now” I mean right now. 
I want Harry Reid tearing up the subsidy checks before a band of
snarling cowboy poets.  I want Barack Obama announcing that his future
family vacations will involve four years of “frequent skeet shooting” at
Camp David, while the $100k dog-walkers and backup movie theater
projectionists clean out their desks.  I want that seven-foot stack of ObamaCare regulations
burned tomorrow, and a new wasteful government program burned every day
after that, to give us an Eternal Flame of Liberty on the Washington
mall.  I sneer at goofball tyrant mayors trying to ban Big Gulps, but I
don’t want an $80 billion food stamp program giving people money to buy
soda, beer, and well drinks down at the local strip club.  And I want
the Blue Angels back.  Who’s with me?

Not Obama’s federal government. Apparently,  since the sequester took effect, the federal government has advertized for nearly 2,600 new jobs!

 Investor’s Business Daily noted that over a hundred of the new jobs are at Homeland Security, which is in the process of releasing
criminal illegal aliens
despite billions unspent from last fiscal year.

 ‘We’re doing our very best to minimize the impacts of sequester. But
there’s only so much I can do,” DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said.

With regard to the release of illegal aliens from detention in
anticipation of cuts due to sequestration, “I’m supposed to have 34,000
detention beds for immigration. How do I pay for those?”

Well, Madam Secretary, like other federal departments and agencies
that have offered apocalyptic scenarios of tainted food and grounded
planes, you can simply stop advertising and hiring new employees, while
not replacing those who leave or quit.

It’s a money-saving process common in the business world. It’s called attrition.

Of course, the Regime has chosen the very cynical strategy of making the cuts as highly visible and painful as possible in order to blame the Republicans.
So the Blue Angels go,  criminal detainees are released, and White House tours closed down but thousands of new government jobs are created.