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Today It's E-Cigs and Big Gulps: Flashback to Andrew Breitbart and Adam Carolla Interview

In response to E-Cigs Take Another Blow :

You know what this made me think of, Kerry? 

There was a great interview that Andrew Breitbart did in May of 2011 with Adam Carolla, and they got to talking about how smokers have lost nearly all their liberties over time because we just sat back and let that happen.  I transcribed the whole part of that exchange in a blog post back then, and I’ll copy it here after the jump for convenience.

It’s funny, the two of them are having this discussion in terms of comparing what’s happened to smokers to how our society in the US in general has seen our liberties erode over time – little by little, tax by tax, regulation by regulation.  Over the years it’s been cigarettes, today it’s Big Gulps and e-cigs, but tomorrow it could be something far broader than that. 

I really hope people, including non-smokers, are paying attention.


Here’s the transcript of the relevant section of the podcast, below.  (The entire podcast is worth a listen).

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