How Google celebrates Easter

The Google search website uses “doodles” to re-decorate the company logo in honor of holidays and other major events.  I see they’ve chosen to commemorate Easter Sunday by celebrating the birth of labor leader Cesar Chavez.  There isn’t even a hint of the Easter Bunny peeking from behind the sainted head of Chavez, or a couple of Easter eggs piled up in the first letter “O,” never mind a reference to the risen Christ.

Google has made some weird and questionable decisions about holiday logos in the past, but it’s tough to see this one as anything but a deliberate insult to Christians.  The Chavez logo doesn’t even appear to be one of several that appears on a rotating basis; I hit their website 10 times and got 10 Cesars, zero Christs.  At least when it was time to disrespect Christmas they gave us a generic “Happy Holidays from Google!”  message – a grudging, backhanded concession that it was a “holy day.”

Ben Shapiro figures “Google can, and likely will, switch out to an Easter logo sometime today.”  I can’t think of a single good reason not to begin with one, and I suspect whatever we get will be long on bunnies and eggs, short on mighty boulders rolled aside from caves.  Simple, cheerful acknowledgement of Easter and Passover doesn’t seem like too much to ask.  I’m a great fan of Google’s products, but their management decisions have been disappointing.