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The Right to Bear Arms to Abortion Shall Not Be Infringed

In response to Gosnell and Media Bias:

From Thursday through Friday morning, mainstream media outlets devoted breathless coverage to the trend of anti-abortion legislation in several states. The Washington Post took up the issue, as did National Public Radio (NPR), and of course MSNBC. Most of the new laws do not ban abortions but restrict the time frame in which abortion is legal to the early weeks of a pregnancy. NPR played up a legal opinion that all of the new laws are unconstitutional. None of these outlets bothered to cover the ongoing Gosnell abortion murder trial. But many of them did run stories about the new gun control legislation being introduced in Congress.

If the “right” to an abortion might potentially be infringed in even the slightest way, mainstream journalists pounce. At the same time, the media attempt to marginalize those who worry that new gun regulations will infringe upon the Second Amendment, where the right to bear arms is both explicit and centuries old. The media’s reluctance to cover the deaths of children in the Gosnell clinic, even as they acquiesce in President Obama’s politicization of the deaths of children in the Newtown atrocity, perfectly symbolizes their persistent bias.

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