“Knock-Off Jihadists?” Say It Ain’t So, Joe?!

In response to Biden: ‘Two Twisted, Perverted, Cowardly Knock-Off Jihadists’:

I’m not sure what a knock-off jihadist is, as opposed to say an authentic jihadist. The Tsarnaevs (allegedly) went on a killing spee that was rather successful … nothing “knock-off” about it. I’m sure the “knock-off” element brings great comfort to the victim’s families. 

I want to say that it was just Biden being Biden, but my gut tells me that he initially thought the Boston Marathon bombing was committed by “Right-Wingers” or some other “Tea Party” type, and he’s still trying to come to terms with the fact that actual Jihadists committed this act of terror.

Say it ain’t so, Joe? -Sarah Palin

Don’t be surprised if Obama convenes a special committee to investigate the investigation of the bombing. Who do you think Obama will most likely appoint to lead it? Yup, good ol’ Joe.

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