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William Saletan: Taping Doctors Worse Than Late-Term Abortions


You can’t make this stuff up. Slate’s William Saletan says the taping of doctors and clinic workers by Live Action is worse than late-term abortion:

The Washington Post story he links makes clear that there is nothing illegal about taping someone in Washington DC.

The biggest story on late-term abortion taking place in the country right now is the trial of Dr. Gosnell in Philadelphia. Gosnell is on trial for 5 murders, including four infants (allegedly) born alive and killed. Taping doctors legally is worse than that? Do tell.

I should note that Saletan has a long history of writing goofy things about abortion controversies. In 2010 he twisted himself into a pretzel making the “pro-life case for pregnancy termination” in response to the Pam Tebow Superbowl ad. To be kind, it was not a convincing argument.

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