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Democrat gone wild accuses the GOP of 'raping' North Carolina


Once again we’ll get to watch a Democrat skate away from the kind of “gaffe” that would instantly end the career of a Republican, as chronicled by the Greensboro News & Record:

N.C. Democratic Party Chairman Randy Voller told a room full of people at the Democratic Women of Guilford County’s spring banquet Thursday that the GOP is raping North Carolina with its legislative decisions.

Voller said this afternoon that he meant “rape” as in plundering or abusing the land, and that his approximate quote was, “they don’t know where they’re going, but they’re raping us along the way.”

Voller, who is also mayor of Pittsboro, said he meant no harm and he’s sorry if anyone took offense.

Amusingly, the News & Record account makes it sound like hardly anyone was paying attention to what this gasbag said, so only reporters covering the event caught his offensive comment.

Of course, a GOP party chair who said something like this would be accused of trivializing rape and serving as a field officer in the “War on Women.”  

The double standard is not only useful for protecting Democrats from unfortunate terms of phrase that can be knotted into political nooses around the necks of Republicans.  It also lets Democrats indulge in wild, over-the-top scorched-earth rhetoric, while Republicans cannot respond in time.  It’s helpful to be able to portray your opponents as callous, misogynist, racist, world-destroying Visigoths, while they’re obliged to portray your candidates as essentially decent people who just get in over their heads.

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