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David Webb

A Healthy Regimen For The Body and Country

Lets examine the parallel benefits of a healthy regimen for our bodies and our country. After all, isn’t America a living breathing being of sorts with people in place of cells. These cells can be beneficial, malignant or have no

John Sexton

Great Red Hope: Occupy as Seen from North Korea

While Occupy was alive in this country the media in this country mostly referred to it as a group of protesters concerned about inequality. Newspapers in Europe were less circumspect, referring to the group as “anti-capitalist” on a fairly routine

Elizabeth Sheld

Issa to Lois Lerner: Here Is Your Subpoena

Lois Lerner, the IRS official who headed the tax exempt division of the IRS targeting conservatives groups will be taking the fifth amendment at a House Oversight hearing tomorrow.  But Chairman Issa has issued to her a subpoena nevertheless.  The

John Hayward

The Citizens United obsession

In response to Dems Still Trying to Make IRS Scandal About Citizens United: At the Wall Street Journal, Justice Department veterans David Rivkin and Lee Casey discuss how Citizens United loomed large in the Left’s imagination, even as the IRS scandal was


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