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Gawker's Mormon Bashing

Apparently Gawker had stores of Mormon bashing that didn’t get used up during the last election. The site has been running a series about the states, sort of conventional wisdom for 20-something hipsters on which parts of the US to avoid. One of the worst states in the country–according to Gawker–is Utah:

The Bad:
Everything that’s not national parks and quaint little ski/film towns?
Abjectly miserable. Desolate, creepy rock and desert. Utah also has the
Mormons. Not that an individual Mormon is a bad person! Of course not,
that’s silly. But when amassed together, when taking orders from the
white guys in suits who live in the magic temple, then they can be
pretty scary. They don’t much like sex or even the suggestion of sex. They only started liking black people in the late ’70s. (Though they might still actually not like them very much.) And they take their dislike for gays and export it to other states.
They’re jerks, kinda! Even worse, aggressively evangelizing jerks. And
the throbbing seat of their power rests in Utah, so that’s a knock to
you, Utah.

The part about Mormons not liking sex involves a law designed to crack down on prostitution rings. Gawker is concerned the law will impact dating, “Basically the only way to find a husband or
wife these days is to show up at a bar and aggressively touch yourself,
sexually.” But news reports note that police are not going after people at random, rather “officers act on tips that a particular service may be pushing minors and others into prostitution.” So trying to keep minors out of prostitution is the kind of buzzkill that makes Utah such a terrible place.

There is this consolation prize for Utah and the other states that got panned by Gawker: Fewer Gawker readers may be visiting your state.

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