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Wow, a Climate "Scientist" Actually Offered a Falsification Scenario!


In response to Climate Scientist Von Storch: ‘Some Scientists Behave Like Preachers’:

…although of course he gives Team Green another five years to be right.

Didn’t some preacher claim the end of the world was coming and then, when it didn’t, claim his math was off and it was coming in another five years?

But it is astonishing that, at this late date, we’re finally seeing a clear statement of what would disprove the models.  All we’ve heard until now is how this or that completely unexpected and unpredicted event totally proves the models were totally right.

There’s been entirely too much “Well, what we meant to say was…” post-hoc adjustment permitted to these goons.  It’s about time for some real rigor, and that means firm predictions.  The rigor of prediction is the only thing that keeps science science, as opposed to mere philosophical speculation.

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