The Flat Earth Society offers an Empty Chair endowment

Like all members of the Church of Global Warming, President Obama loves to imply that critics are stupid or anti-science, even though all the science is on the critics’ side.  

Thus, even as the actual scientific data shreds every single global-warming model and leaves the cult fumbling with excuses about a surprise mini-Ice Age that swallowed all the man-made global warming, Obama took to the stage this week to sneer that dictatorial power was necessary to combat climate change, because “we don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth society.”

What a knee-slapper!  Except… the Flat Earth Society agrees with you, Mr. President.  They believe in global warming, and they believe human activity causes it.

America, you cannot be stupid enough to believe the garbage Barack Obama and his Flat Earth allies are shoveling about “climate change,” and remain free.