Ed Schultz: Zimmerman Was 'Getting His Ass Kicked'

Ed Schultz went on a rant about the Zimmerman case Wednesday. As NewsBusters points out, Schultz’s own outrage was undercut when he conceded the defense’s entire theory of the case:

We do know that Zimmerman had a firearm and I think we can easily come to the conclusion that he felt pretty safe. And when he didn’t feel safe, and by evidence he was getting his ass kicked, he decided to take someone else, someone else’s life.

An increasing number of people seem prepared to accommodate themselves to the facts of the case–Martin gave Zimmerman a beating–and still maintain that George Zimmerman was wrong to defend himself.

In interviews this week, key ear-witness Rachel Jeantel suggested a two-tiered system of beatings. There is beating with intent to kill and then there is “whoop ass” in which one person beats another somewhere short of permanent injury and then runs.

Critics of the verdict seem to be comfortable saying George Zimmerman got his ass whooped but suggest he should have somehow known Martin would leave him bruised, bloodied but alive. But of course Zimmerman had no way to know that and neither would anyone in his position that night.