ACLU to Holder: Zimmerman case is over

In a letter from the ACLU to Attorney General Eric Holder:

We are writing to clearly state the ACLU’s position on whether or not the Department of Justice (DOJ) should consider bringing federal civil rights or hate crimes charges as a result of the state court acquittal in the George Zimmerman case. Even though the Supreme Court permits a federal prosecution following a state prosecution, the ACLU believes the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Constitution protects someone from being prosecuted in another court for charges arising from the same transaction. A jury found Zimmerman not guilty, and that should be the end of the criminal case.

Read the rest here.  There is some predictable ACLU language (such as reiterating the “racist cop” stereotype), but glad to see they’re at least acknowledging the absurdity of charging Zimmerman with hate crimes or civil rights violations.