Retired Pastor George Zimmermann Gets Death Threats

The anger being directed at George Zimmerman has spilled over into death threats against a man with a similar name in Florida.

George Zimmermann (two n’s) is a retired pastor living in Florida’s Volusia county. He is 78 years old. After the verdict finding the other George Zimmeman (one n) not guilty, he has received death threats by phone in the middle of the night:

“Hey (expletive) you’re the one who killed Trayvon Martin, when your
(expletive) get out, you’re dead. Wherever you go, you’re dead. Wherever
you’re trying to hide, you’re dead. Watch your (expletive) move. You
think you’re free. You’re not. You better get ready to dig a 6-foot hole. Cause you know you’re fixing to go,” the caller said.

Audio of the call was saved on Zimmermann’s answering machine. You can hear it in the clip below.