Stream AlunaGeorge's 'Body Music' Album in Full

Stream AlunaGeorge's 'Body Music' Album in Full

Ever since their debut single “You Know You Like It” in 2011, AlunaGeorge has been an arresting artist, standing out with bleeding-edge R&B production from George Reid and acrobatic vocals from Aluna Francis. 

As more songs came, they showed again and again there was something more than novelty behind their act. The music surprises on every level: the chord progressions are far removed from the formulaic standbys heard elsewhere; the melodies naturally, then, lack any sense of déjà vu; and the arrangements are pure sonic alchemy, creating whole new worlds with each track.

And as much as the orchestration is rooted in synths and samples, chopping up and pitch-bending Aluna herself as an instrument of sorts, the primary vocals sound natural and unprocessed. The production is otherworldly, but the whole is immediate and human.

These two have tapped into some well of creativity allowing them to appeal to jaded hipsters and mainstream listeners alike–pop music in its truest sense.

If you’ve been a fan and your only complaint has been that their singles and EPs end too quickly, take heart; you can now stream their debut album on Soundcloud.