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Obama Sues to Stop Major Airline Merger


This weeks “misguided” lawsuit filed by  the Obama administration in an attempt to block the American Airlines-US Airways merger is nothing less than “misguided” and questionable, since even the pilots and other airline-related unions are in favor of the merger.

American Airlines is trying to come out of bankruptcy, but this lawsuit could prevent that from happening, simply because Attorney General Eric Holder believes that if hurts consumers.

 “This transaction would result in consumers paying the price — in higher airfares, higher fees and fewer choices.” -Attorney General Eric Holder


Holder statement that this merger would raise airfare and fees, is in itself misguided, considering that airlines have been, and will probably continue to charge customers with baggage, change, and seat upgrade fees, to name a few.


An argument that attorneys, who will ultimately represent the two airlines, will probably make is that Holder and this Justice department didn’t take issue with the 2010 United Airlines and Continental merger, yet due so with the similar American Airlines US Airways venture

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