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Chimp Goes To Rehab To Kick Alcohol And Nicotine

Chimp Goes To Rehab To Kick Alcohol And Nicotine


Corey Haim, Macaulay Culkin, Dana Plato. All are examples of people who achieved stardom at a young age, only to have their lights dimmed or extinguished by the cruel and fickle winds of the entertainment industry. Plato turned to drugs and alcohol at a very young age and eventually overdosed on Valium. Culkin similarly turned to drugs to deal with his fading star…and Haim was plagued by drug addiction to deal with his fleeting notoriety.

Now, a chimpanzee who spent years as the mascot for one of the biggest Russian casinos, has been treated for alcohol and nicotine addiction. After years of steady employment, John (pictured above) was set adrift when Russia decided to end the practice of hiring chimps in such roles. Set adrift after years of fraternizing with patrons…fraternizing that included smoking and drinking. Habits John was apparently unable to kick after his star faded and casino bosses found him a new home in Gekendzhik Safari Park in south west Russia. 

John’s smoking habit was fed by visitors throwing lit cigarettes into his enclosure. He then turned to theft, stealing pints of beer from visitors.  “We saw this and tried prevent possible “gifts” but he still managed to smoke and drink,” said Peter Skorsky, deputy director at the safari park.  

Park authorities then sent John to the zoo’s version of rehab: a specially built glass enclosure whereby visitors could not fuel his habits. In an effort to get him clean, the zoo also drastically altered his diet to fresh fruit and placed exercise equipment in his enclosure. Skorsky said that John is now “cheerful and full of energy and I think (he) was completely rehabbed, getting rid of bad habits.”

Unfortunately, the zoo has been unable to treat John’s penchant for whores. 

Photo: Life News

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