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VIDEO: Girl Catches on Fire While Twerking

VIDEO: Girl Catches on Fire While Twerking


Today, the Daily Mail posted video of Miley Cyrus spanking a twerking dwarf. I, myself, am guilty of giving the Cyrus twerking narrative oxygen since its worldwide splash at the MTV awards. For that, I apologize, as I now realize I have contributed to the glorification of twerking…and as a result, I must take my share of responsibility for the cultural ramifications and personal injuries. 

Caitlin Heller, is a young woman to whom I owe a profound apology. On September 3, she posted a video of herself catching fire during a twerking mishap. All of which was captured on video by her boyfriend. After attempting an upside down twerk while leaning against a door, Caitlin’s friend entered, sending her crashing into a table with candles and what appears to be a bottle of alcohol.  The young twerker then caught on fire. Fortunately, she was not severely hurt as she was able to post the video on Youtube where many social networkers are questioning its legitimacy.

Whether one believes it or not, Caitlin could have been hurt.  And why? Because she wanted to fit in. She just wanted to be a twerker so that maybe it might garner her some attention like Miley. Shame on me. Shame on me.  I’m sorry Caitlin. Forgive me.

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