Boom: Sen. John Morse of Colorado Springs falls in historic recall vote – UPDATE – Giron Goes Down, Too

Colorado Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs conceded his seat Tuesday night in the state’s first ever recall election.

He and  Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo faced recall elections because of their support for the stricter gun laws passed last spring.

Via The Denver Post, here are the results in State Senate 11 – Recall Morse with 96% in:

Yes 51.3% (9,040)

No 48.6% (8,571)

It looks like Giron is going down, too…

62% reporting

Yes 59.8% (14,306)

No 40.1% (9,581)

The Democrat anti-recall camp outspent the recallers by at least  8 to 1 analysts estimated.

Via The Washington Times:

 Two billionaires — New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Eli Broad of Los Angeles — gave a combined $600,000 to fight the recalls, while labor unions, Planned Parenthood Votes and the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee have also pitched in.