Government shut down for WW2 vets, but open for immigration rallies

An awful lot of Shutdown Theater looks suspicious arbitrary, including Obama’s habit of ordering some perfectly functional business operations to close down, while others remain open.  I thought it was a pity we didn’t have Occupy Wall Street up and running during the shutdown, because we’d have been able to enjoy the spectacle of the Park Service – transformed into the Left’s shock troopers – marching elderly war vets around their filthy camps.  “Beat it, Grandpa, but be sure you don’t blunder through that drum circle!  Don’t touch any Occupy tents on your way back to the parking lot!”

Here’s the next best thing: the supposedly closed National Mall will be reopened for the “Camino Americano March for Immigration Reform.”  The regime wants Americans to suffer, but it doesn’t want to inconvenience its political allies, in this case including the SEIU and AFL-CIO. 

Nancy Pelosi will be in attendance.  Perhaps she’ll have an honor guard of Park Service troops to ceremonially remove the “Closed due to government SHUTDOWN!” Barry-cades before she makes her entrance.  Taxpayers and unemployed legal citizens, remain behind the barriers at all times, or you’ll get in more trouble than a furloughed Catholic priest trying to hold Mass on a military base.