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TMZ's Low Blow Attack On Sarah Palin

TMZ's Low Blow Attack On Sarah Palin

In a shockingly unfair — and unusually political — turn, celebrity gossip site TMZ posted a piece on Monday, accusing Sarah Palin of using veterans as ‘political pawns.’ The headline read: “SARAH PALIN TO GOV’T

What did Palin do to earn this slam? Simply attend the veterans’ rally and express her support.


This attack is beyond the pale. What should Palin do? Not attend the rally? Then she would be attacked for not caring. With Palin, it’s a ‘damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t’ box. The mainstream media will attack her, from any angle, regardless of what she says or does — tantamount to the bully we all know from elementary school who will pick on you, no matter what tactic or approach you take, no matter how kind you are.

It is no secret that I have often criticized Palin and am not her biggest fan. 

But after this latest attack? Sarah, you’ve just earned a new defender. 

Enough is enough. #TeamPalin

(h/to to Twitchy Team)

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