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In response to HHS Sec: Obama Had No Idea of Malfunction Until After Launch:

The White House (and media) are now embracing the website’s failures because it distracts from the fact that the program is also a failure.  In a guest post for The Heritage Foundation, tech expert Patrick Ruffini writes that the website’s failures are symptomatic of the liberal ideology. is an object lesson in the perils of big bureaucracy and crony capitalism. These issues are at the heart of the broader conservative critique of big government. Liberal blogger Matt Yglesias tries to argue that doesn’t discredit liberalism. He is right to be concerned that it might.

No one has a better understanding of this issue than Clay Johnson, who traded partisan politics (including helping to elect the President in 2008) for helping government build better technology. He is furious, and rightly points out that the issue stems from federal procurement laws.

But things like bad procurement laws don’t come out of nowhere. They arise in dysfunctional cultures that are the result of highly politicized decision-making processes. Part of the blame lies with successive Congresses. But part of it, if we’re being honest, is the rigidly bureaucratic culture of government itself. No one who values getting things done quickly and efficiently would ever build a system like the one we have now.

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