Used Condom Thrown From Building Shatters Car Windshield

Used Condom Thrown From Building Shatters Car Windshield

CHINA – A used condom belonging to an unnamed someone reportedly shattered a car windshield belonging to a different unnamed someone when it was discarded from a building in eastern China. Upon discovering the condom resting against the cracked windshield, the owner of the car immediately phoned the police. 

As if the car owner wasn’t having a bad enough day, the broken windshield cost one thousand Yuan to repair. 

The incident took place Tuesday in Jiande city, Zhejiang Provence, when the used prophylactic made the alleged base jump from a nearby residential building and landed on the parked car, allegedly. 

No injuries were reported but authorities were able to identify the suspect from a healthy DNA sample. They have put an APB out on Superman. 

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