Beware The Deep Fryer On Thanksgiving

I normally don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving(Really) and opt for chicken or steak, but for all of you out there, who enjoyturkey so much, that you feel compelled to deep-fry the bird for the holidays,think twice before you do it.

Look, I know you think that “if it tastesgood, it must be good to you,” but know that anything fried is bad foryou, regardless of the taste.

But the real concern is not how much you willclog your arteries for eating fried turkey, but the injuries and lossescarelessness in frying your “Butterball” could cause.

Every year there are  about five deaths and an slew of injuries, aswell as property damage, from deep-frying accidents on Thanksgiving.

So the moral of the story is, its ok if you digdeep into your inner country bumpkin and fry a turkey, just be careful when youdo it.