Progressive Legal Expert Excuses Obama's Executive Overreaches, Opposed Bush's Increases Of Executive Power

In response to House Judiciary Hearing On The President’s Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws:

Here’s an interesting tidbit about Simon Lazarus, the one legal expert testifying at the House Judicial hearing this morning who has been heartily defending Obama’s overreaches of Constitutional power.

He was once part of a working group established by the left wing American Constitutional Society called “the “Separation of Powers and Federalism” to “promote the ability of government at all levels to pursue progressive policies,” and to counter what it described as the Bush administration’s efforts to “increase … executive power at the expense of the other branches of the federal government.” 

During the hearing, today, that same guy downplayed Republican concerns about Obama’s executive overreaches, suggesting that the fuss they’re making about it is “political.”