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My Interview with Director and 'Burn Notice' Editor Zack Arnold

Over at I do an interview feature called the De Pasquale’s Dozen that asks interviewees to take a break from politics and talk about their life and pop culture obsessions.  This week’s interview is with Zack Arnold, the editor of my favorite show “Burn Notice,” which ended this year.  He is also the brother of’s John Nolte.  From my Townhall article:

When I first talk to someone in the entertainment world I have one thought – “How can this person introduce me to my favorite actor, Bruce Campbell?”

It’s a great testament to Zack Arnold, the editor for the series Burn Notice (starring Bruce Campbell), that my first thought about him was “How can I help his movie, GO FAR?”

Arnold has edited feature films, TV shows, documentaries and theatrical trailers. He’s worked on theatrical marketing campaigns for The Passion of the Christ, Monster, The Machinist, among many others. In addition to the last four seasons of Burn Notice, he’s edited episodes of Glee and HBO First Look.

Arnold’s latest project is his directorial debut, GO FAR: The Christopher Rush Story. The documentary tells the story of Christopher Rush, a paraplegic with muscular dystrophy. When he was born the doctor told his parents, “Your son will be nothing more than a dishrag, and he will be dead by the age of two.”

He went on to live a full, amazing and inspirational life until he passed away at 30. He was a national spokesperson for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, was the first quadriplegic licensed scuba diver, and developed a motivational program called GO FAR. GO FAR is an acronym for his 5 step program using his life as an example for overcoming adversity.

His brother, John Nolte, editor of Breitbart’s Big Government, told me, “Yes, he is my brother and I love him, but his resume and talent as an editor speaks for itself. And with GO FAR he has proven himself to be much more: a remarkable producer, director, and storyteller.”

Read the interview here.

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