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Five Hardships That Will Legally Exempt You From ObamaCare


Thanks to a new ObamaCare exemption quietly added by the Obama Administration that reads, “You experienced another hardship obtaining health insurance,” and that you apparently do not need to document, here are five hardships you can claim that will legally allow you to be exempted from ObamaCare and its fines for not enrolling…

1. Cuz I was going to sign up but my Unicorn was double-parked…

2. Cuz I was going to sign up but there was a “Facts of Life” marathon playing in my head…

3. Cuz I was going to sign up but sitting down at the computer makes my butt ache….

4. Cuz I was going to sign up but in my fantasy life I am married to Police Woman-era Angie Dickinson and we are too busy having sex to apply for anything.

5. Cuz I was going to sign up but ObamaCare was passed on a purely partisan vote using procedural tricks and even this wouldn’t have been possible had President Obama not repeatedly lied like a community organizing-sociopath about being able to keep your insurance and doctor. Therefore, doing anything that aids and abets this immoral and illegitimate law is a HARDSHIP on my conscience.

For the next two years at least, ObamaCare has been repealed by none other than Barack Obama. In order to aid and abet the White House’s enrollment drive, our media is not reporting this fact — but it is a fact.

Through 2016, you can exempt yourself from ObamaCare and its fines for not enrolling using any damn reason you choose. Feel free to use one of mine…

And if you do, be sure to tell the IRS, John says burn in hell.

NOTE: This post is satire but not terribly far off from the truth


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