Twitter Loses Over $1000 Every Minute

Twitter Loses Over $1000 Every Minute

We love Twitter, but it’s losing over $1,000 every minute. That’s according to a new website called “Turning a Profit,” which is hosted by, a mobile credit card payments company. The site allows users to click a stopwatch and observe as profits climb–or losses mount–for a dozen major technology companies.

The data for the website are based on 2013 numbers, so it may be somewhat out of date. Apple is the standout, making over $70,000 per minute. Patrick May of Silicon Beat, citing Fortune, notes that Samsung is first in  revenue, though second in profit. Twitter’s social-media rival, Facebook, had a rougher start on the NASDAQ but makes close to $3,000 per minute. Actually, they’re all profitable, except for Twitter. Hashtag: #fail?

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