NY22 Voter Says Hanna Camp Sent Wrong Polling Place Information

A voter in Rep. Richard Hanna’s district sent Breitbart News the following e-mail:

My precinct usually votes at the local Jewish Community Center in Vestal, NY in Broome County.  I suppose because tomorrow’s election is just a Republican primary for my and other precincts, the Broome County Board of Elections consolidated many of the polling places perhaps to decrease the need for poll workers.  I was sent a postcard several weeks ago telling me that for this election only, I would be voting at the Mormon Church of the Latter Day Saints on Murray Hill Road in Vestal. 

On Saturday, I got a letter from the Hanna campaign telling me that my voting location had been changed to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Bunn Hill Road.  I knew that conflicted with the Board of Election info on their postcard, so I checked their website on Sunday and saw that my polling place was still listed as the Mormon Church of the Latter Day Saints.  I called the Board of Elections first thing this morning, and the person told me “the fur has been flying” (her words) all weekend after complaints from some people who got their letters from Hanna on Friday with the misinformation about the polling places.  She said the Hanna campaign was going to contact everyone with the correct, previous public information. 

On the photo of that first letter, the incorrect information is the info contained in the sentence that begins with “On Tuesday, June 24th…..”

I got a second letter from Hanna’s campaign today in a plain white, nondescript envelope with no return address, no notice on the envelope that there was important election information or a correction of misinformation inside.  It is the kind of envelope I would usually toss away without opening, thinking it was junk mail or set aside as unimportant. This letter does correct the misinformation about the polling place but in a duplicitous way.  It states in italics that the info in his campaign’s previous letter “has since changed.” 

UNTRUE.  The information from the Board of Elections has been the same for weeks.  HANNA sent out false information, whether intentionally or not, and got caught and now is trying to cover his tracks but not in a way that calls attention to his role in passing on misinformation to voters.  The nondescript nature of the envelope they used makes me think they don’t really want people to even open the envelope.