Video: Obama Decries 'Phony Scandals' – They're 'Not On The Level'

The president was in Minnesota Thursday and Friday talking to “the folks” about how hard he’s been fighting for middle class families. He also found time to fight for Democrats by delivering remarks at a fund-raiser for congressional Democrats at a private residence in Minneapolis, Thursday night.

Speaking to a crowd in Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis, Thursday, Obama sounded a tad defensive as lamely decried “fabricated issues and phony scandals.” 

“It’s all geared towards the next election or ginning up a base,” Obama said haltingly. “Um…’s not on the level.” 

He went on to impugn the motives of the GOP, saying, “right now, we’ve got a congress that’s dysfunctional – I’ll be honest with you – you’ve got a party on the other side whose only… rationale…uh… motivation seems to be opposing me.”

A disgraceful performance through and through:

In light of the latest poll that shows 76% of voters think the IRS emails were deliberately destroyed, it would seem most people think it’s his administration that’s not “on the level.” 

During his speech, Obama also brought up a Minnesota mother whose letter to the White House he used in his ongoing push to raise the minimum wage, but he failed to explain how raising the minimum wage would help her – an accountant struggling in a stagnant, overly regulated economy. 

No matter — this is why he ran – so he could help folks like this mom who reminds him of his own mom – and his grandma, too – and he and Michelle 20 years ago. 

The truth? The truth is not so nice. Obama is a student of Saul Alinsky who understands that America’s white middle class is where the power lies. He not trying to help the middle class. He’s out to destroy it. 

Mr. Obama has very clearly embodied Alinsky’s epiphany about the middle class. He has been pushing all the buttons of fear, division and partisanship on the one hand, and government benefits and promises of jobs on the other. The very last thing Obama wants, however, is a rising economy and people working. A good economy and jobs deflates the revolutionary possibilities. Every regulation, tax and Obama decree is geared to destroying the middle class. When people are living hand-to-mouth or living on benefits and having to jump through myriad regulatory hoops, they are unable to unite and fight the coming authoritarianism. 

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