Bowing Down To Obama's Closest Advisor

During  Sunday’s NBC peek inside the office of President Barack Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, TV cameras briefly caught an image of something on her desk, that at first glance, seemed a bit odd.

The reason the photo of ValJar with little figurines bowing before her is jarring, is because it rings true. Jarrett has her own Secret Service detail and is known to wield an enormous amount of influence on the president, despite her lack of qualifications in national security, foreign policy, economics, legislation, etc.

This and the fact that no one dares cross her, has earned the former Chicago slum lord the nickname “Rasputin” on Capitol Hill. 

Allahpundit says he’s surprised that it was on her desk, and not Obama’s.

The figurines, which cost $18.47, were a gag gift, ValJar assures us. But for some reason, it doesn’t seem that funny to me.