That Hobby Lobby Ruling Is Just Like ISIS Imposing Sharia Law

In response to Boko Haram and ISIS are into persecuting Christians and burning churches, too:

Meanwhile, here in America, the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of religious liberty is being compared to sharia law and ISIS. 

That really nailed it, huh? A ruling that says the state cannot compel Christians to violate their conscience and religious beliefs – is the exact equivalent of Islamofascist savages burning churches, raping women and girls, cutting off heads and crucifying people from Syria to Iran.

Yeahhhh, paying for 16 types of contraception, but conscientiously objecting to 4 kinds – that is totally just like forced clitorectomies, forced marriages to cousins, forced hijabs, etc. 

There’s a bizarre cognitive dissonance on display here that I find very disturbing.

That the same people who barely rouse themselves (if at all) to condemn the barbaric treatment of Christians (and other Muslims) in Muslim lands, would compare a Supreme Court ruling that protects religious liberty, to the horrific savagery of ISIS and Sharia law – is just beyond the beyond.

These moral giants cheered the administration on when it threatened businesses like Hobby Lobby with severe fines to compel them to violate their deeply held religious beliefs. And, now that SCOTUS has objected to it, they say Hobby Lobby and SCOTUS are no better than ISIS?

These are deeply confused people.