Allen West Says Lying About Military Service Is Nothing Less Than "Dishonorable"

The story about Florida state House candidate Richard DeNapoli (R) lying about his service in the United States Marine Corps is catching fire, as more and more veterans are learning about, and becoming outraged over another case of “Stolen Honor.”

DeNapoli once stated that he “served in the United States Marine Corps,” but previous to making that statement, DeNapoli listed on his 2008 resume that he only completed weekend-long mini-OCS training.

Now DeNapoli is on the defensive saying that he received an Entry Level Separation from the military after being injured.

But what is the real truth behind his military record?

 According records, DeNapoli only attended that  weekend at a “mini OCS,” or Marine training class in 2002, we previously mentioned.

 Whatever the story may be, does taking a weekend course in how to be a U.S. Marine, or washing out of a supposed Marine boot camp constitute service in the U.S. military?

 Now former Congressman and Army veteran Allen West has weighed in. While West did not directly comment on DeNapoli’s disingenuous claim of serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, West did say that it was “dishonorable” for  anyone to lie about serving in the U.S. military.

 West also cited Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal’s false claim that he went to Vietnam.

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