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Democrat Bigot Goes After Mitch McConnell's Wife

The so-called war on women morphed into the war on Asian Women if they happen to be married to a Republican thanks to a Democrat operative working against Mitch McConnell in in Kentucky.

“Google Elaine Chao, #MitchMcConnell’s wife,” Groob tweeted Saturday morning. “No mention of Kentucky, she is Asian.”
WFPL reporter Phillip Bailey screen captured the tweets:

“She’s not from Ky,” Groob said in a reply to a tweet questioning her attack.  “She is Asian and Bush openly touted that.”

While the Kentucky Democrat Party was quick to denounced the tweets, that hardly seems enough given the reaction we’d be seeing were they the product of a Republican operative attacking a Democrat. Democrats need to drop the mask of standing for all things wise and wonder, while constantly denoucing Republicans as haters, and or bigots.

They need look no further than their own party and some of its operatives like Kathy Groob to find that very thing.

Though Groob has deleted the tweets which mentioned Chao’s ethnicity, several others about Chao remain. 

“If Mitch McConnell is going to bring his wife in the race, then her lack of KY status is fair game,” Groob tweeted.

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