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Immigration Politics Now Driving 2014 Mid-Terms


From Michigan, to Arkansas, where even Left-leaning PPP polling has the Democrat Pryor under 40%, immigration politics and something of an anti-amnesty fever appears to be sweeping the country courtesy of the current border crisis.

PPP’s newest Arkansas Senate poll continues to find the race within the margin of error, as all of our polls this entire cycle have found. Tom Cotton is at 41% to 39% for Mark Pryor ….

Even Minnesota Democrats like Frankenin the Senate and Nolan in the House now look like something less than “shoo-ins” for re-election.

Roll Call says two Democratic members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation — Sen. Al Franken and Rep. Rick Nolan — could face tough re-election races this fall.

The Chamber of Commerce and the D.C. Republican establishment can talk all they want about comprehensive immigration reform and a so called path to citizenship, however, a funny thing happens in an election year – the people actually get a vote

House members at home for August recess might want to hide their congressional pins: A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds a record-high share of Americans disapprove of their own congressman/woman.

With the current immigration debacle dominating headlines across the country and likely to do so into the Fall, the people seem poised to have more to say about shaping the agenda of any next Congress than a few big donors.

The GOP came into the 2014 mid-terms talking compromise and accommodation on immigration like lions. Now, with the lion’s share of the headlines hurting Democrats, most especially over their weak border politics, it’s only a matter of time before the GOP begins attacking more Democrats on immigration going forward.

And it very well may not end there. With a Progressive Democrat in the White House and presumably a Republican Congress, there is a very good chance that the issue will continue to resonate after November and roll on right into the coming Presidential politics of 2016.

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