Renews Promise: 'If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep It'

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The Obama administration is once again promising people that if they like their plan they can keep it. And once again that promise may not be true.

The President’s oft-repeated promised about keeping a plan you liked became his biggest broken promise. Last month even former Democratic congressman Barney Frank told the Huffington Post he was “appalled” by the administration’s outright lies to the public.

But someone in the administration still thinks this well known “Lie of the Year” can be redeemed. This explanation page about Obamacare’s auto-renew feature was published on June 30th. In bold text it reads, “If you’re happy with your current plan and want to keep it–and
your income or household size haven’t changed – you don’t need to do

A few sentences later there is a caveat, “In some cases, your current Marketplace plan won’t be offered in 2015.
If that’s the case, we’ll automatically enroll you in a similar plan so
you don’t have a gap in health coverage, unless you choose another plan
and enroll.” So maybe you won’t get your plan exactly but you’ll get something.

They might have tried saying that the first time around.

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