U.N. Rescues Some of Iraq's Yazidis Who Have Been Stranded In the Mountains After Fleeing ISIS

There are no hard numbers, yet – but at least “some of the tens of thousands” of  Yazidis who have been stranded in the mountains of Northwestern Iraq have been rescued, the U.N. said Thursday.

At Breibart London,  James Delingpole described the potential genocide the Yazidids have been facing in Iraq.

…these practitioners of perhaps the world’s oldest surviving religion are being killed in droves, beheaded, starved, condemned to die of thirst, if they’re lucky, just sold into slavery by the vicious Islamist killers of ISIS. Killed, let it be noted, far more deliberately and ruthlessly and in far greater numbers than the Palestinian victims of the Israeli incursion into Gaza. Yet where is the massive, Gaza-style outcry in the media? Where are the angry tweets from the usual Guardianista suspects expressing their outrage at this “genocide”?

(Actual genocide, this time mark you. Not this fake “genocide” the anti-Israel mob are freely and dishonestly employing, knowing what effect it will have on a nation born out of the Holocaust).

On Fox News, Monday, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters rang alarm bells about the “looming genocide.” 

…these Islamic State fanatics butcher them – they’re going to kill them – and there’s tens of thousands – perhaps 200,000 total up there. There’s a looming genocide,” Peters warned, as Hemmer began to cut him off. ” A looming genocide and nobody’s paying attention.”

Earlier this week, Yazidi Member of the Iraqi Parliament Fiyan Dakheel (of the Kurdistan Alliance) collapsed in tears after calling upon her fellow countrymen to rescue the Yazidis from Genocide.

While there is an urgent need for United States leadership on a strategy that could work out a plan for relief, protection and resettlement of displaced Iraqis, to date, neither the president nor Secretary of State have even mentioned the looming genocide that is underway in Iraq.

Via The National Catholic Register:

“We are facing real genocide, but all the world has been silent, especially what we call the ‘First World,'” said Syriac Catholic Bishop Barnaba Yousif Habash, based in New Jersey, who has written President Barack Obama and visited both the State Department and Capitol Hill, pleading for U.S. action. 

Now, Bishop Habash said during an Aug. 5 interview with the Register, “I don’t trust anyone in the American administration. I don’t have any expectations that they will help.

It’s been left up to the U.N. to come to the aid of these beset people. 

Via NBC News, “some” of the Yazidis have been rescued.

“People over the last 24 hours have been extracted and the U.N. is mobilizing resources to ensure that these people are assisted on arrival,” U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs spokesman David Swanson said Thursday. “This is a tragedy of immense proportions, impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.” 

Many of the displaced people urgently need water, food, shelter and medicine, Swanson added. Another U.N. official said many of the children on the mountain were suffering from dehydration and at least 40 had died.

Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, issued a statement that condemned the Islamic State’s latest atrocities, insisting that the administration was committed to helping “the Iraqi Security Forces and [Kurdish] Peshmerga Forces working to defend these areas against ISIL.”

If the Obama administration were serious about helping the Kurds, they would be arming them, not just issuing  statements that help no one.

Stated Power, “We urge all parties to the conflict to allow safe access to the United Nations and its partners so they can deliver lifesaving humanitarian assistance.”

She said the administration has not abandoned the Iraqi people and urged their leaders to “move swiftly to form a new, fully inclusive government that takes into account the rights, aspirations and legitimate concerns of all of Iraq’s communities.”