Sexual Assault Survivors Sue UC Berkeley

Three victims of sexual assault are suing the University of California Berkeley and the University of California Board of Regents for allegedly failing to properly prevent, investigate and handle sexual assaults that reportedly took place while they were taking classes at the school.

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Walker Defunds Smarter Balanced Test, But Replacement Exam Also Aligned With Common Core

Walker, a likely 2016 contender, has recently affirmed what has been true of Wisconsin school districts all along – that they can choose their own standards. To his credit, he has also proposed defunding the Smarter Balanced test, a product of one of the federally funded, interstate Common Core test consortia. Grassroots parents groups, however, say Walker’s proposed new state exam – called the “Badger Exam,” is also aligned with the Common Core standards.

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Vaccine Mandate, SB 277, Passes California Assembly

On Thursday, the California State Assembly passed the SB 277, which mandates child vaccinations as a condition of private and public school enrollment, by a vote of 46-30. Democrats and Republicans were divided within their own parties over the bill, which ultimately passed with bipartisan support. Due to amendments, however, the bill was immediately ordered back to the State Senate, where it previously passed.

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Southern Universities Attack Their Own Heritage

Debate over Confederate symbols continues to intensify in Southern states, with public universities in the middle of the controversy in South Carolina, Texas and Mississippi. University leaders are speaking out against the use of Confederate symbols — although not always fast enough to satisfy some students and civil rights leaders.

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Bobby Jindal on Common Core: From Supporter To Aggressive Opponent

Jindal has heard the complaints of many parents in his state and has said that as a parent himself he could see the difficulties his own son was having with Common Core math. Ultimately, he unveiled an aggressive plan to eliminate Common Core in Louisiana, one that exposed how the state board of education and department of education can attempt to work around government rules and the state legislature in order to meet its own goals.

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Special Ed Student Duct-taped During Class

A teacher and aide could lose their jobs over a February 26 incident involving duct tape and students in a remedial learning class that authorities are now calling a practical joke that got out of hand.   Oceanside Police were

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