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Manjarres: Marco Rubio Will Run in 2016

Marco Rubio has been telling close friends and advisers that he is all but in, signaling to those in-the-know that he has had his fill of the U.S. Senate, and is looking to move up to a higher office.
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IRS Again Confirms Amnesty Bonus, Grassley Working On Bill To Address

President Obama’s executive amnesty would to more than allow illegals to stay. It would allow many to claim a big payday from the government. The acting head of the IRS is confirming that illegals given amnesty would be eligible to claim tax credits for up to three prior tax years for work they did illegally.
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Does Boehner Have a Way Out of DHS Stalemate?

With the House and Senate at odds over a Department of Homeland Security funding bill that would or would not fund Obama's unconstitutional power grab in immigration policy, there may be a way out for House Speaker John Boehner, although it's bound to come with risks of its own.

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